An Dagda’s Holy Day

An Dagda’s Holy Day
August 9th

The devotees of an Dagda invite you to send them any petitions you wish to make before the god and they will offer them to him in supplication and gratitude on his holy day. You may email them at

Below are a few words from the priest/ess of An Dagda:

The Good God. A name, a title, for the Irish gaelic deity that takes on so many different roles in the Invasion cycle of Irish mythology. Also named as Eochu Ollathair, ‘Horse Great-Father’ and Ruadh Rofhessa, ‘Red One Great in Knowledge’, both translations of those names taken from Mary Jones’s Celtic Encyclopedia.  One of the named Chieftains of the  Tuatha Dé Danann, although not explicitedly in kingship. In many of the stories it is his wisdom, his almost primordial magic, and skills that elevated him in status.

He is a god of plenty, prosperity, and growth. From his cauldron no one walks away unsatisfied. He is a god of wisdom and keeper of the lore. A god that helps enact change as he holds the harp that changes the seasons. He is a seasoned warrior and protector, the Wielder of the club of life and death. He is the god of great hospitality and humor. Full of life and virility and a great enjoyer of the good things in life, food, booze, good company, great sex. Truly he is a force of the many facets of life and death.

On his holy day we would encourage those that wish to honor him, to enjoy and honor the simple pleasures of their lives. Make good food, share it with your beloveds, and raise a glass to the Good God.

For a more formalized form to give thanks and offering to an Dagda to your life and home see below:

Set out a cauldron or large goblet/stein
Prepare a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with honey drizzled over it
Pour beer/wine/milk into the cauldron

Say a prayer or sing a song to an Dagda. Please feel free to use or adapt the following:

Mighty Dagda, true and bold
To you I sing of glory ‘o
God of life and of death
Teach us to cherish every breath
Lord of fire, strength divine
You who host heroes fine
Save me a place at your hall
Dagda my heart cries you battle call
Dagda, oh Dagda, hear my prayer
The skies open wide and you are there
Mighty Dagda from whom sustenance pours
In your glory, I adore!

Take a moment to give thanks for the abundance in your life and go and enjoy a good meal.

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