An Morríghan’s Holy Day – Full Moon in May

An Morríghan’s Holy Day – Full Moon of May
May 21, 2016

At the Full Moon in May we honor the Great Queen, she who holds the realm. She of plenty, she of pleasure, she of prophecy and peace. The larder is full, the herds are in the summer fields, Her prophecy of peace is on our tongues, the time for action and work is upon us. Now is a time to take stock of our realm, to tend to broken fences, to revel with our people and make strong the bonds that will sustain us. It is a time for love, security, and sustenance.

The Irish goddess and goddesses known as The Morrigan, take on many roles throughout the Irish mythical sagas. One role that alway supercedes her presence is the guiding hand of fate. When the moon hangs high, robust with summer’s promises in the Beltane sky, we remember that we must be the guiding hand of fate in our own personal sovereignties. Seeking her blessings, protection and abundance we speak the Prophecy of Peace!

The devotees An Morríghan invite you to send us any petitions you wish to make before the Goddess and we will offer them to her in supplication and gratitude on her holy day. You may email them at


A Ritual of Purification and Abundance:

A candle (color of your choice, Red or White would always be appropriate)
Bath/Shower, with salts, herbs, for purification and blessing or a bowl of blessed water for anointing
Libation offering (Wine or whisky are appropriate)


On the night of the Full Moon, set out a candle to safely burn (ideally within sight of the Full Moon)

As you light the candle think of all the things that fall into your “realm”. The tasks you must do to maintain them, the benefits you reap from them, the people you love, the people who you depend on, your house, your dreams and goals.

Spend some time in prayer and thought of how you want these things to grow, to be maintained, your plans for the summer ahead.

Sing a song or speak a prayer to An Morríghan, to thank her for her guidance, to ask her to continue to guide you forward, that you have the strength and wisdom to maintain balance and growth.

Recite the Great Queen’s Prayer of Peace: (found below)

Pour An Morríghan a glass of libation in gratitude and thanks.

Let the candle to continue to burn and go take a purification shower/bath.  You can use rosemary and salt in your bath for purification and protection, or other herbs and oil of your choosing. Alternatively, you can put a piece of silver in a bowl of water with a prayer, “May the power of the Great Queen bless this water, that it may protect all it touches and cleanse it of ill intentions and harm.” to created blessed water. Use the blessed water to anoint yourself and/or you home.


Prayer: Prophecy of Peace
Beneath the peaceful heavens lies the land.
It rests beneath the bowl of the bright sky.
The land lies, itself a dish, a cup of honeyed strength, there, for the taking, offering strength to each
There it lies, the splendour of the land.
The land is like a mead worth the brewing, worth the drinking.
It stores for us the gifts of summer even in winter.
It protects and armours us, a spear upon a shield
Here we can make for ourselves strong places, the fist holding the shield
Here we can build safe places, our spear-bristling enclosures.
This is where we will turn the earth. This is where we will stay.
And here will our children live to the third of three generations
Here there will be a forest point of field fences
The horn counting of many cows
And the encircling of many fields
There will be sheltering trees
So fodderful of beech mast that the trees themselves will be weary with the weight.
In this land will come abundance bringing:
Wealth for our children
Every boy a warrior,
Every watch dog, warrior-fierce
The wood of every tree, spear-worthy
The fire from every stone a molten spear-stream
Every stone a firm foundation
Every field full of cows
Every cow calf-fertile
Our land shall be rich with banks in birdsong
Grey deer before Spring
And fruitful Autumns
The plain shall be thronged from the hills to the shore.
Full and fertile.
And as time runs its sharp and shadowy journey, this shall be true.
This shall be the story of the land and its people
We shall have peace beneath the heavens.

Poem B: Section 166, Lines 819 – 827

Interpretation by Chris Thompson:


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