An Morríghan’s Holy Day – Dark Moon in October

An Morríghan’s Holy Day – Dark Moon of October

October 30th 2016


At the Dark Moon in October we honor the Phantom Queen, she of fury and terror, she who makes heroes, she of the battlefield. Now is the time when the veil is thin and the voices of our Ancestors are heard most clear. It is the time when the days grow shorter, and we turn inward to face ourselves. Will we rise above the fear, or be consumed by it? Will we recognize our weaknesses and make ourselves stronger, or remain as we are and stagnant?

Throughout the epic stories the Morrigu have taken to the battlefields to raise a terrifying din of madness for their foes  and to rally their warriors on to greatness. Seeking the tutelage, protection and blessing of the Phantom Queen we speak her call to battle! Rallying the strength we need to meet the challenges ahead.


The devotees of An Morríghan invite you to send us any petitions you wish to make before the Goddess and we will offer them to her in supplication and gratitude on her holy day. You may email them at


Ritual of Self Reflection and Self Challenge:

Scrying Mirror/Cauldron of Dark Liquid/Dark reflective surface
Candle (Color of your choice, Black or Red are appropriate)
Libation offering (Wine or whisky are appropriate)


Set yourself up somewhere comfortable.

Spend some time in prayer with An Morríghan

Pour offering to the Morrigan, recite the Prayer to Battle, (found below)

Light your candle, as you do think about what you have achieved so far, where you have failed. What your strengths are, what your weaknesses are. What are you afraid of? Ask for guidance, for clarity, and courage.

Once the candle is lit, stare into the Scrying Mirror/Cauldron of Dark Liquid, for as long as you feel called.


Prayer: Kings Arise to Battle

Kings arise to [meet] the battle
Cheeks are seized
Faces [honours] are declared
Flesh is decimated,
Faces are flayed
[Victory] of battle are seized
Ramparts are sought
Feasts are given
Battles are observed
Poems are recited
Druids are celebrated
Circuits are made
Bodies are recorded
Metals cut
Teeth mark
Necks break
[A hundred] cuts blossom
Screams are heard
Battallions are broken
Hosts give battle
Ships are steered
Weapons protect
Noses are severed
I see all who are born
[in the] blood-zealous vigorous battle,
raging [on the] raven-battlefield [with] blade-scabbards.
They attempt our defeat
over our own great torrents
Against your attack on the full [compliment] of Fomoire
In the mossy margins;
the helpful raven drives
strife to our hardy hosts
mustered, we prepare ourselves to destroy
To me, the full-blooded exploits are like
shaking to-and-fro of hound-kills
goodly decay of muddy war-bands, your violations are renounced.

Poem A: Section 137, Lines 683 – 693

Translation by Isolde Carmody:


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