We in the Cauldron are seriously dedicated to the idea that there is power in feasting; ritual, divine, mortal, communal, power. A table full of good food and good drink brings people together. It can break down barriers and is one of the things we can do to make us all feel more human. This love of the community, and our goals to bring more vibrant, lush, glory to everyday life and our Gods is what feeds the heart of all of the events that we hold. We work to make hospitality our central tenet, to make people feel welcome and to bring them in the energy of the Cauldron with us!

For us the Cauldron is a travelling feasting hall, and all who attend are Guests and or part of the House. The House consists of all active members of the Cauldron, and membership is open. If you are interested in joining the House, please email us at cauldronofthecelts@gmail.com

Within the House is the Cauldron’s leadership, the members of the Vanguard. Our events vary depending on what is needed and who feels called to the work. See our Events page for a list of our current events

Our current goal is to continue to foster community and fellowship with other practicing Celtic polytheist and pagans. To share our experiences and knowledge to better honor the Gods in our daily lives and at sacred events.

Cauldron of the Celts is committed to inclusivity. Discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality or ability will not be tolerated. We are specifically LGBTQIA and POC/Minorities friendly and allied, and we will work from a baseline of basic common respect for humans, communities, and this land we live on.






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