Sacred Calendar 2015

The Cauldron of the Celts is dedicating this year to the creation of a modern Sacred Calendar for the dedicated deities that the Cauldron serves. As an interfaith devotional group of CAYA Coven, dedicated to the honoring and reverence of our chosen gods, who fall within the “Celtic” umbrella, the creation of this calendar signifies our commitment to honoring our fellow priest/esses deities at our own altars and out in the world.

We invite all who feel called to join us in revitalizing the honor and glory of the Gods at your own altars with us on these Holy Days! Each priest/ess of the Cauldron has selected a Holy Day of reverence for their dedicated deities, based on cultural and historical information where available, and personal gnosis where needed.
We would love to hear from you! If you choose to join us at your own altars, please feel free to send us an email and let us know!

Feb 1st – Brigid’s Holy Day
March 19th – Sulis Minerva’s Holy Day
May 3rd – (The Full Moon in May) An Morríghan’s Holy Day
June 21st – Honoring of the Selkie
August 1st – Lugh’s Holy Day
August 9th – An Dagda’s Holy Day
October 12th – (The Dark Moon in October) An Morríghan’s Holy Day


The Priest/esses of the Cauldron of the Celts welcome petitions and prayer requests throughout the year. Petitions will be offered to the Gods in supplication and gratitude on their holy day. You may email them at or use the form below: