Lugh’s Holy Day

Lughnasadh – August 1st Lugh’s Holy Day 
 Please feel welcome to send any petitions for Lugh to Cauldron members will offer them to Him in supplication and gratitude on His holy day.

This time in the year energies begin to turn from the frenzy of summer  to the harvest/feasting season. Lughnasadh is a great time to devote yourself to championing any lingering projects so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in the autumn and winter time. Known for his brilliance in many skills and the owner of a spear which no battle could go against, we honor Lugh on this day.

One of the Kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann, it is thought that the name Lugh could be derived from lug meaning oath or pledge, or be derived from leuk meaning light, or lightning. Often called the Shining One Lugh’s epithets include:Lamhfada – long arm, Ildanach – many skilled, and Samildanach- many joined skills, Mac Ethlenn – son of Eithne. Recognized as a master builder, harpist, poet, warrior, sorcerer, metalworker, and cupbearer there is not much at which Lugh does not excel.

On Lugh’s holy day we would recommend those that wish to honor him, to attempt a challenging task, pick berries, participate in a sporting event, hone a skill, or use your craft to create something.

For a more formal offering to invite Lugh’s blessing upon your works we invite you to follow these steps at your altar.

– A white or yellow candle
– Gather a cup or goblet that inspires and delights you, and fill it with a delicious beverage.
–  Gather your tools of craft, this could be needles, knives, hand tools, camera, cell phone, laptop, anything you like!

Arrange your tools of craft around the candle and light it. With gusto, shining bright, recite the invocation below. With the last “Hail Lugh” lift your glass in a cheers and take a drink.

Invocation to Lugh
– written and composed by Doyenne Rowan Nightshade

Hail Lugh! You are the Sun
You’re the Bright & Shining One
With your Long Arm you have the skill
The means to manifest your will

With you I am the Sun
I’m the Bright & Shining One
With my Long Arm I have the skill
The means to manifest my will

Hail Lugh the warrior!
Lugh, the brave competitor
Your heart bids you protect the weak
To lend your aid to those who seek

I too am warrior
I’m a brave competitor
My heart bids me protect the weak
To lend my aid to those who seek

Hail Lugh of Many Arts!
Lugh of bold creative heart
With your keen eyes you can see
Endless possibilities

Like you I’ve many arts
I’ve a bold creative heart
With my keen eyes I can see
Endless possibilities

Hail Lugh!

Resources on Lugh and Lughnasadh:
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Lugh Who? Where did Lug come from?

Notes on the Festival of Lughnasagh

The Battle Of Moytura Part 03: Techt Lugo – The Coming Of Lug
Taris – Lùnastal


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